Remember Campa Cola? The Soft Drink Is Set To Return This Diwali


If you are an 80s or 90s kid, you surely remember Campa Cola! India’s very own soft drink brand, Campa Cola ruled the market for 15 years until the advent of foreign players (PepsiCo and Coca-Cola) in the late 90s. This home-grown soft drink came in pet bottles (both glass and plastic) with ‘Campa’ written on them. There were three flavours too – cola, lime and orange. Later the brand came up with a jeera soda version for the desi palate. But, over the years, Campa took a backseat, with people indulging more in the other soft drinks available in the market. And as a result, the sale of Campa got limited only to a few specific regions. But as per the PTI report, Reliance has recently acquired the soft drink brand Campa from Delhi-based Pure Drinks Group.

The report reads, “The deal is estimated to be around Rs 22 crore and Reliance Retail Ventures would introduce it to the general trade and local markets around Diwali, said sources close to the development.”

Reports further state that Reliance Retail Ventures (the retail arm of Reliance group) has already launched three variants of the drinks (cola, orange and lemon) at some of the selected stores.

This acquisition comes as a part of Reliance’s plan to enter the FMGC sector. Earlier, Isha Ambani, director at Reliance Retail Ventures, announced at the company’s annual general meeting, “The objective of this business is to develop and deliver high quality, affordable products, which solve every Indian’s daily needs.”


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