Malaika Arora Plays Hostess With A Lavish Home-Cooked Spread


From “chaiyya chaiyya” to “munni badnaam hui“, Malaika Arora’s killer moves have been making us groove throughout the past years. We have grown up watching all her music videos and have been in awe of her fit body, but only recently did we realise that the actress is also a big foodie! Yes, you read it right! If you have been following Malaika Arora on Instagram, then you’d know that she is not someone who shies away from eating whatever she wants. With over 16.1 million followers, Malaika Arora loves to bring her fans and followers along on her daily foodie adventures.

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In her recent food diaries, Malaika Arora is serving a lavish home-cooked spread to one of her friends and the meal looks delicious! Take a look:


With over five dishes on the dining table, Malaika Arora seemed to have prepared quite the decadent spread for her friend and yoga enthusiast Sarvesh Shahi. The vegetarian spread included three sabzis, two curries (including dal), jeera rice, roti and salad. Malaika Arora was playing hostess to her friend, serving him the simple yet grand meal. Her friend shared a video of the whole foodie affair on his Instagram, which Malaika Arora reshared on her stories. The scrumptious spread has us craving some comforting and delicious food. If you are craving the same, then try out these delicious recipes at home!

Malaika Arora has a diverse taste palate, as she relishes almost all kinds of cuisines! From indulging in a grand Navroz feast to eating sattvic food at home, Malaika Arora enjoys it all. Almost every weekend, we see her indulging in all kinds of delicious dishes. The celebrity also disclosed her favourite food combination and it is none other than the South Indian delicacies appam and stew!

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What do you think of Malaika Arora’s home-cooked meal? Do tell us in the comments section below!


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