Expert Suggests Ditching This One Ingredient In Your Diet If You Have Thyroid


Our health largely depends on our diet. The foods that we eat directly or indirectly impact our ability to stave off illnesses or to deal with them. Taking medications is not the only answer. Thyroid, for instance, can be managed to a great extent through diet. Are you not able to lose weight despite putting in all efforts or have inexplicably gained weight? Are you constantly tired? Get yourself tested. And if you are already dealing with thyroid, here we have a tip coming from an expert that may help you immensely. Read on to know more.  

Nutritionist Rashi Chowdhary suggests eliminating one ingredient from your diet and that is – gluten. Through a post on her Instagram handle, she explains why gluten is not good for those with auto immune thyroid. 

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Here’s Why Gluten May Not Be Not Good For Thyroid: 

“The molecular structure of gliadin which is the protein portion in wheat resembles the molecular structure of the thyroid gland. When wheat is getting digested, the gliadin reaches your gut barrier (stomach lining) and enters the blood stream. Your immune system starts to attack it looking at it as a foreign body but in the process, it also attacks your thyroid tissue since they both look so similar. So your healthy thyroid tissue gets attacked and more problems occur with your thyroid gland,” Rashi Chowdhary explains.  

Which Are Gluten-Rich Foods: 

Foods like wheat flour, barley, oats, eye, semolina and other cereals and breads are said to have high gluten content. Desserts like cakes and cookies made with flours are also considered gluten-rich. Even beer is high in gluten

While some of these foods are also considered healthy, is it a good idea to completely shut them out? We say, it’s best to consult your doctor before making any major changes in your diet. Meanwhile, maybe you can avoid excessive consumption of gluten. 

Want to follow a gluten-free diet? Here are some gluten-free recipes you can look into. 

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