Zomato Cancels Order Under “On Time Or Free” Delivery Scheme; Fined INR 10,000

What do we do when we are too lazy to cook food? We order! Ordering food has become our go-to solution for all our foodie problems. Within the ease and comfort of our home, we can get all kinds of cuisine at the click of a button. The moment we click the order button, we feel excitement and rush in the anticipation of our food! We keep checking our phones as we run the clock down till our food reaches us. Therefore, it can be very disappointing to see our food order be cancelled at the last minute! Recently, a man ordered food from Zomato and faced the same sadness of a cancelled order. But he didn’t simply accept this; rather he filed a complaint and received INR 10,000 and a free meal as compensation!

The man, Ajay Sharma, filed a complaint with the consumer forum regarding the violation committed by Zomato of their “on time or free” delivery scheme. As per the complaint, the customer placed an order for pizza and had especially paid extra for the “on time or free” campaign. Even though the amount of the order had been refunded, the customer was furious to see the lack of professionalism concerning the services they provide when he received the response “kabhi to late ho jaata” (“It gets late at times”)

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The complaint also says “Had there been any difficulty in delivering the item at the relevant time, the respondents should not have made the booking, which they cancelled later on. Thus, grave deficiency in rendering service is attributable on the part of the respondents on this account.”

This is not the first time a food delivery company in India has faced criticism for their services. Tamil Lyricist Ko Sesha had ordered a vegetarian meal from Swiggy’s The Big Bowl restaurant and he received chicken pieces in his veg meal! This led to a heated debate on social media.

What do you think of the complaint? Do you think it was fair? Do share your thoughts in the comments section below!

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