Watch- “Print A Test Idli”: New Dosa Maker Aims To Solve A Kitchen Jam


Watch- 'Print A Test Idli': New Dosa Maker Aims To Solve A Kitchen Jam

The rectangular dosa making machine has evokedstrong opinions on social media.

New Delhi:

Just when you thought that chocolate cherry dosas were the most shocking thing you could do to the beloved South Indian dish, technology, as usual, has taken it one step further.

The Dosa Printer, a video of which has divided the Internet, seems to have taken people’s desire for crispy thin dosas a little too literally. As the name suggests, the device that resembles a generic printer prints paper-thin almost A-4 size sheets of dosa.

The rectangular dosa making machine has evoked strong opinions on social media. “This is useless innovation. Making dosai is not the hardest part. Preparing batter is the harder work. In Chappathi makers, the machine prepares the dough from flour so it makes sense,” a user tweeted.

On the other end of the reaction spectrum, people seemed to appreciate the seemingly quick and easy solution to the delicious dish.

Snehal M on Twitter wrote, “Can see a use for this in most families where one person is expected to keep making dosas for the rest of the family till they’re completely satisfied before making some for themself and eating alone after everyone is done. This way everyone could eat together?”

Another user asked if one would need to print a “test idli” in case the batter jammed the printer. “Just thinking whether after installation, will it give out a Mini Uttappam as test page. And what to do in case of Paper/Dosa Jam?” a user asked.

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