You Can Savour These Cinnamon Protein Bites Before As Well As After Your Workout Session


If you follow a particular fitness regime, you would know the importance of consuming light and healthy snacks before hitting the gym. It helps you to concentrate on the exercise and achieve your daily goal. Similarly, post-workout snacking is equally important since, you’ve got to consume food items that will help your muscles to heal and basically, recover after a rigorous workout. So, if you are looking for a quick pre or post-workout snack that’s healthy and gets ready within a jiffy, fitness trainer Yasmin Karachiwala has shared a recipe on Instagram. She has demonstrated the process of making her favourite pre/post workout snack – cinnamon protein bites. 

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In the caption, she said, “I make cinnamon protein bites almost every other day…. Because they always disappear by the second day.” She continued, “They are super quick and easy to make and also vegan, gluten and dairy free.”     


For protein bites

1)Protein powder – ¼ cup

2) Almond butter – ½ cup

3) Coconut flour (desiccated) – 3 tablespoons

4) Maple syrup – 2 tablespoons

5) Cinnamon – 1 tablespoon

For coating

1)Cinnamon – 1 tablespoon

2) Coconut flour (desiccated) – 2 tablespoons

How to make this amazing pre/post workout snack?

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1)Take a bowl and start adding the ingredients to it. Put protein powder, almond butter, coconut flour, maple syrup, and cinnamon in the mentioned quantities. Mix all the ingredients together and prepare a dough.

3) Take out a small portion of the dough and roll it into a ball.

4) For coating, mix cinnamon and coconut flour. Roll each ball into the mixture and refrigerate for 10 mins. Your cinnamon protein bites are ready.      

Take a look:

Before this, Yasmin Karachiwala taught us how to make rich dark chocolate granola. To prepare this, you need to take oats, mixed berries, cocoa powder, sunflower seeds, pecans, cinnamon, and Himalayan salt – all together – in a baking tray. Blend some maple syrup, coconut oil and vanilla into the mixture. Preheat the oven to 180 degrees and bake for 30 minutes and your sweet treat is ready.  

You can enjoy these food items guilt-free.


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