What Grocery Does India Order Online? This New Report Reveals


The phenomenon of ordering online has picked up massively in the past two years. At first, we were ordering everything online due to the countrywide lockdowns. Thanks to its ease and convenience, it soon became second nature to order online. Not just food but also other essentials like groceries, medical supplies etc. became available to us at our doorsteps after a few clicks. But what exactly did we order online in terms of grocery requirements? Swiggy Instamart has released a recent report to offer an insight into this. After completing two years of being launched, Swiggy has analysed millions of orders placed on its app between June 2021 and 2022 to reveal some interesting facts about India’s online ordering patterns.

Firstly, Swiggy’s report revealed insights into the quantum of orders placed on its grocery ordering arm Instamart. The app revealed that Bangalore, Mumbai and Hyderabad placed more orders than the population of Canada in the last 12 months! As for the most popular item ordered online, it would have to be eggs. Believe it or not, Instamart delivered over 5 crore or 50 million eggs over the last two years. Bangalore and Hyderabad were the cities that ordered eggs for breakfast, while Mumbai, Jaipur and Coimbatore ordered eggs more around dinner time.

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We are now able to order groceries and more at the touch of a button. Image: iStock

Eggs weren’t just the only grocery items popular on the app. Even dairy products including milk were widely ordered on Swiggy Instamart. Different kinds of milk such as regular milk, full cream milk and toned milk were ordered over 30 million times over the past two years as per the report.

Other than essentials, even ice creams and juices were extremely popular during the hot summer months of April to June. While ice cream orders jumped up by 42% during summers, over 27,000 bottles of fresh juice were ordered by users in Hyderabad. Green chillies were a popular item in Hyderabad and Bangalore, with 290 tons of the condiment delivered during the past year in these two cities. Swiggy has also witnessed an increase in demand for organic fruits and vegetables by 58 times.

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