Savour Authentic Indian Food From Different Regions By Zamaana In Delhi-NCR


With constant reinvention and experiments in the culinary world, the traditional flavours are somewhere lost. But when you get a chance to explore those flavours again, you realise how they are simply irreplaceable. A similar experience happened with me when I tasted food from Zamaana. Nostalgia struck me with all the meals that were prepared in their most elemental form. Zamaana is a new food delivery outlet serving Delhi-NCR, which brings together some famous foods from different regions of country and imbues them with age-old authentic taste.

The menu portrays the diversity yet unity of our country. From Old Delhi to Kerala, from Maharashtra to Kerala, you can have whatever cuisine your palate craves for. They have curated special meal boxes for each region. 

From the Rajasthani section, I tried the popular Laal Maas, which was just the way it should be – loaded with rich ingredients and robust spices. But it was Rajasthani Safed Maas that actually took me by surprise with its heavenly taste. Jackfruit and Mushroom Seekh kebab too made for a good snack. 

From North Indian cuisine, I tried some chicken and mutton tikkas and I really liked the use of strong whole spices. Saunf was a delightful addition to Achaari chicken tikka, something I had never seen before. Then of course, there was Dal Makhani that was pretty good with its nutty taste and rich texture, stemming from the slow-cooking method. 

Old Delhi meals were a true representation of the area, known for its rich food culture. But being a huge fan of Galawati kebabs, I would still go for my usual mutton kebabs after tasting the Mushroom Galawati from here. However, it still would be a good choice for vegetarians. The classic Keema Matar was just the way you’d want it to be – full of potent flavours. 

Maharasthra-special Kolhapuri Chicken had a good balance of various tangy flavours. It went well with my butter naan.

Chicken Biryani is obviously a must-try. It was deeply infused with the flavours of whole spices and meat. 

If you love authentic Indian food and want to explore regional cuisines, you must give food from Zamaana a try. We are sure you’ll love it. 


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