Nutritionist-Approved Ways To Strengthen Your Hair Through Food


In the era of hectic work-life followed by stress, our hair ends up suffering a lot. And with so much going on, it becomes extremely challenging to set a proper haircare regime for every week. Well, in such circumstances, a good diet plan serves as a great support in taking care of the hair internally. After all, hair oil, shampoo or hair masks aren’t going to be enough to nourish your hair holistically. Basically, whatever we eat, clearly shows on the skin and hair. Nutritionist Nmami Agarwal has shared a video on Instagram sharing three tips for healthy hair. She listed a few food items that you must specifically include in your diet.

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These foods can definitely come in handy for hair fall and loss.

1) For Hair loss – There is a reason why it’s advisable to start the day with eggs and other protein-rich breakfast options. The nutritionist also suggests including eggs, almonds and walnuts in your diet. Dry fruits also serve as healthy snacks so, you can munch on them without any guilt. According to Nmami, these food items will benefit you for hair loss.

2) For Hair growth – Other food items like amla, curry leaves and fenugreek seeds are great for your hair growth. Amla is a popular food item in every Indian household. Many people also use curry leaves and fenugreek seeds to make DIY hair masks. However, you should make conscious efforts to eat each of these three food items through curries, dal or other dishes.

3) For Premature greying – Grey hair seems to be a common problem among young people these days. So, what to do? Nmami suggests increasing your vitamin B12 and B vitamins intake. Ashwagandha is also good for your hair and taking care of your diet will also work like magic if you want a solution to this problem.

Take a look at the full video here:

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Previously, Nmami Agarwal spoke about the link between protein and cravings. Do you know that protein can help your curb cravings and thus, prevent hunger pangs? Yes, according to the nutritionist, eating the right amount of protein can do so much more to your body. She has also stated that protein in your meal reduces the hunger hormone – ghrelin. This macronutrient boosts peptide hormone that makes you feel full for a longer time so, you don’t feel hungry frequently. Click here to read more. 


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