MYn Disrupts The Driver Ecosystem With A Health Camp

MYn, India’s 1st Super App’s approach to all its customers has always been built on the narrative of empowerment. As a newly established and fully functional ride-hailing service in Bengaluru with 50,000 cabs and autos strong, MYn offers multiple driver benefits like no aggregator in the market promises today. With a purely commission-free model, drivers on MYn are enabled with absolute ownership of their services, which makes this cab service a unique alternative the city has experienced, and the nation is soon to experience.

Furthermore, the benefits do not halt at zero commissions, because MYn’s dedication to drivers stretches far beyond their driving profession and services. The super app cares about the health and holistic life of its customers, that includes its prized driver-partners, and strives to solve their financial as well as the personal impact on their health. This is why they are launching an exclusive health check-up camp for all its cab drivers and guiding them towards better health and preventive and timely action if needed.


“The cab drivers are our customers, and we complimented them with a comprehensive health insurance policy of Rs.5,00,000. This was just a financial solution, but we also need to take care of their health, not just solve the financial impact on health. That is why we are carrying out this health initiative. All cab drivers will be tested twice yearly and we will research occupational hazards of this profession”

– A S Rajgopal, Founder of MYn, India’s 1st Super App

The health checkup began at MYn’s airport office on the 1st of August and is ongoing. This exclusive medical program also stands as a precursor to the health insurance benefit worth Rs. 5 lakh that MYn provides its cab drivers. It is a rounded initiative that includes the examination of the cab drivers’ vision, hearing abilities, chest and ankle health, and a blood test to determine their overall health status by some of the best medical professionals in the city. Based on the eyesight examination, MYn is also providing the concerned drivers with high-quality glasses to improve visibility on the road.

With more research and experience, MYn aims to build a community of drivers and commuters that revolutionizes the way we travel, for the better – to deliver a promise and a movement that prioritizes safety in travel. After all, with MYn cabs taking the city by storm, the drivers must be well-versed in more than just their driving skills – and MYn wants to facilitate that very movement.

With the underlying sentiment to make passengers feel confident to ride in MYn cabs, the app is offering a well-rounded health camp to ensure its drivers are healthy to provide safe services. Elevating the ride-hailing experience for all customers and users, MYn is giving way to a ride revolution like no other.

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