How Bad Are Processed Foods – Expert Reveals Side Effects


It is not unknown that any food that is processed lose a significant amount of nutritional value. But are they bad for us? They maybe. Despite having told not to overeat processed foods, it’s still difficult for us to ignore that pack of chips or chocolate sitting pretty in our pantry. That happens because most us don’t really know how processed foods really affect our health. Nutritionist Nidhi Nigam throws light on the various side effects of having too much processed foods.

In an Instagram post on her handle ‘nutrify.with.nidhi’, nutritionist Nidhi Nigam shares how processed foods impact our overall health. Take a look:

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How Processed Foods Affect Our Health:

Nidhi Nigam shared the following pointers with us:

1. Weight Gain: Processed foods are loaded with calories, and lead to weight gain. Eating them quickly can make it difficult to identify satiety cues, causing overeating in some cases.
2. Heart Health Issues
Foods with ultra-processed fats, sauces, meats, sugary products, processed beverages and salty snacks have high sodium levels, which may negatively impact blood pressure, further leading to various cardiovascular issues. 
3. Unhealthy Gut
Nidhi Nigam says that “your diet has the potential to change the composition of the bacteria in the gut. Processed foods may make it worse.
Nidhi Nigarm further adds, “Diets rich in fiber can promote the growth of healthy gut bacteria and reduce inflammation in the gut.”

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Processed foods may look tempting but it’s important to exercise control to lead a healthy life. 


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