Zomato Introduces Inter-State Food Delivery: All You Need To Know


Food delivery services have made our life much easier. With just a click of a button, we get to satisfy all our cravings for different cuisines – Chinese, Italian, North Indian and South Indian. Be it early morning or midnight, we can order food anytime we want! But, we can only order food from restaurants and cafes that are around us. If we wish to enjoy authentic Amritsari kulchas from Punjab or we crave rogan josh straight from the mountains of Kashmir, we can’t get it ordered to our doorsteps. Or can we? Zomato’s latest initiative is planning to make the impossible possible. The food aggregator is planning to introduce interstate delivery that can help customers enjoy food from different states at home. Zomato’s CEO Deepinder Goyal announced ‘Intercity Legends’ on Zomato’s blog. The blog explained how this interstate delivery will work.

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Zomato plans to pack the freshly prepared dishes ‘in reusable and tamper-proof containers to keep it safe during the transit’. The packed food will be processed in state-of-the-art mobile refrigeration technology. Food will not be frozen and no preservatives will be added to the packed dish. This new food delivery system is estimated to take at least a day to deliver. When customers will receive the order, they can heat up just like normal refrigerated food – microwave, pan-fry or air-fry.

This is not the first time that Zomato has tried to introduce a new delivery system. Before this, Zomato introduced the ‘On Time Or Free’ that allows food to be delivered in the stipulated time and if not, a full refund is to be initiated. This scheme received major backlash when a customer complained about the consumer code when Zomato failed to deliver food within 10 minutes. Zomato was asked to pay INR 10,000 and a free meal as compensation to the customer.

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