You just won’t believe what this Tesla owner did to himself!


Tesla Owner Brandon Dalaly recently got a small contactless chip implanted into his right hand so that he can unlock his Tesla without using car keys.

Making yourself part of the technological revolution is all very well, but becoming a gadget yourself is quite another. However, for this Tesla owner, it seems to have come naturally. Brandon Dalaly has got a small contactless chip implanted into his right hand to unlock his Tesla. Yes, you read that right. It seems like Dalaly wanted to end the struggle of finding his car keys every morning once and for all. It also seems he has not yet heard about the Apple AirTags. But we are digressing. And far from keeping the secret, he actually went and shared the same through a tweet. To provide solid proof, he also showed a short clip demonstrating that the chip was working. He wrote, “@elonmusk Finally decided to take my phone key issues into my own hands… literally. Tesla key chip implant.”

Dalaly explained that his phone key did not always unlock his car. “For me it comes in handy (no pun intended) because my phone’s Bluetooth power management is so aggressive that it doesn’t always unlock the car. So this helps in those instances,” he wrote.

Dalaly has got a Vivokey Apex chip, that uses NFC technology, to unlock his Tesla. He also shared that the chip has many more things it can do apart from unlocking his electric vehicle like store data, access control, OTP 2 factor authentication, secure crypto wallet, and in the future credit card transactions.

This is not the first chip implanted by Dalaly as earlier he had got other chips implanted in his body. Speaking about the same, Dalaly told New York Times that he is part of a beta group of about 100 people which is testing the chip before it is released to the public. He also shared that the company that put this together has its own app store where one can wirelessly install apps into their body with these chips and one of them is a Tesla key card.

The first chip implanted by Dalaly is the key to his home and stores his portfolio, his contact card, medical information, Covid vaccination card, and similar items. The chip can be scanned by using a smartphone.


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