Enjoy Authentic Delicious Pizzas By Pizzeria by Cafe Dali In The Comfort Of Your Home

Pizza has been and will always be the ultimate comfort food. The cheesy delight warms our heart in every single bite. Thanks to the modern technology, we can choose to step out to grab our favourite pizza or simply order it in. Pizzeria by Cafe Dali brings to you an exquisite and authentic dining experience in the comfort of your home. Amidst pizza joint hierarchy between the Trattoria, Osteria and then Ristorante, a Pizzeria is a place amalgamating affordability and authenticity- traits which Cafe Dali seeks to bring to its clientele. The only place in Delhi-NCR serving pizza with fresh truffle shavings, the menu is something to marvel at. 

Pizzeria by Cafe Dali takes a true Italian route- eliminating thin crust and sticking to typical 3 bases: the classic Neapolitan base, the Romano: a rectangle pizza and the Sicillian pizza- one similar to a deep dish. The cloud kitchen space delivers a stone oven pizza, a wood fired pizza and traditional mango wood to light even the dishes. 

Specials on the menu include the Fresh Truffle Pizza, Parma Ham Pizza, Burrata Rocket Leaf Pizza and Vegan Pizza made fresh from in house cashews and almonds. Mock meat variants are also readily available to order, as well as Four Cheese pizza using only high end cheeses like the Italian Pecorino Romano and Gorgonzola. 

Former investment banker and garment exporter Prateek Gupta, launched Pizzeria by Cafe Dali, influenced by years of his travels. The entrepreneur sought to recreate a taste of Italy, bringing authentic pizza experiences within the capital, via a delivery model. Carrying out monthly Covid tests and regular hygiene checks, all pizzas are placed in UV rays to be sanitised before being sent out for delivery. 

My experience with Pizzeria By Cafe Dali menu:

I tried Proscuitto di Parma, Pisa Pepperoni and Tuscan Bacon from the non-vegetarian section and liked all of them. Meaty flavours along with a delectable crunch, complemented perfectly by melt-in-mouth cheese – the menu is a meat lover’s delight.

However, I surprisingly liked the vegetarian pizza better. Pesto Alla Genovese is one of the best pizzas I have ever tried. The freshness of pesto melds with velvety cheese to bring us a refreshing and satiating pizza that made both my tummy and heart – happy.

I am definitely going to order pizzas from Pizzeria By Cafe Dali whenever the craving hits next, you should too.

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