World Coconut Day 2022: 7 Must-Try Delicacies To Mark The Day


It is time to celebrate Coconut Day! This diverse fruit needs no special introduction. From having it raw to making chutney and ice cream, coconut can be used in both savoury and sweet dishes. It lends a rich texture and flavour to the meal. When used for baking, shredded coconut adds a touch of natural sweetness and moisture to cookies, muffins, and loaves. When stirred into pudding or yoghurt, it is a delicious calorie booster. Coconut oil and coconut flour are also widely used in Indian cooking, owing to the plethora of health benefits they offer.  If you love that flavour of coconut in your meals, we have picked seven must-try delicacies to mark the day. From starters to sweet dishes, there is a way to incorporate coconut into your dish. Don’t believe us? Take a look at this menu:

1.Chicken Stew 

Juicy chicken chunks simmered in a broth prepared with coconut milk and aromatic spices. Sounds yummilicious. Chicken stew is a delicious bowl which will serve as a starter as well as a light side dish at dinners. 


2. Vazakai Poriyal

It is one of the popular raw banana recipes in South Indian cuisine. This humble dish offers the goodness of raw bananas and coconut with the perfect blend of flavourful spices.

3. Malabar Paneer 

This one is cooked in typical South Indian style. Paneer cubes in spice-loaded coconut curry it is a must-try for this World Coconut Day. To say the least, it is finger-licking delicious.

4. Fish Curry 

Loaded with traditional South Indian flavours, the white coconut gravy is minus the tanginess. Neatly fileted fish pieces dipped in the luxurious gravy are all you can ask for. 

5. Chicken Biryani 

Hungry already? After all, it is hard to say no to a plate full of wholesome chicken biryani. It gets all the better when prepared with coconut milk.

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6. Coconut Ladoo 

Let’s admit it is hard to say no ladoos, especially the one prepared with coconut. And, with the festive season around the corner, let us jump into the pool of sweets and relish them guilt-free. 

7. Coconut Kheer 

Can we call it the quintessential dessert? Well, we hope nobody would mind if we do so. Wondering about the ingredients? It has Coconut milk, rice, sugar and dry fruits of your choice. So what are you waiting for? Rustle up. 

Are you ready to celebrate World Coconut Day with these delicious recipes? 


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