Weekend Special: This Pan-Grilled Chicken With Homemade Barbecue Sauce Spells Indulgence

Weekend is here and it’s time to dive into your favourite dishes and eat to your heart’s content. But if you are still looking for that one dish to make your weekend meal a special affair, we have the perfect recipe for you. Chef Ananya Banerjee shared a wonderful recipe for chicken lovers in a video on her YouTube channel (Chef Ananya Banerjee). She demonstrated how to make delicious pan-grilled chicken with homemade barbecue sauce. Chicken is a versatile ingredient and this recipe is bound to turn into a family favourite soon.

Chef Ananya Banerjee shared the steps to make the pan-fried grilled chicken as well as the rich barbecue sauce. In the clip, she also shared some information about the origin of barbecue sauce. She mentioned, “It comes from a Dominican missionary who discovered this in West Indies. He got that to Europe and other countries and that’s how barbecue sauce became popular.”  

How To Make Pan-Grilled Chicken With Barbecue Sauce:

For pan-fried grilled chicken, we need chicken breast, ginger-garlic paste, turmeric powder, red chilli powder, olive oil, black pepper powder and salt to taste.

For barbecue sauce, you need brown sugar, ketchup, vinegar, Worcestershire sauce, dry mustard, red chilli powder, salt, black pepper powder and sriracha sauce.

Now let’s take a look at how to make pan-grilled chicken and barbecue sauce:

  • First, marinate the chicken breast. For marination, use turmeric powder, red chilli powder, black pepper powder and ginger and garlic paste. Add salt to taste. Apply the marinade over the chicken.
  • The chef stated that you can marinate the chicken overnight if you have time. But make sure you keep it for atleast half an hour before you begin the cooking process. Let the chicken rest. Keep it aside.
  • Meanwhile, prepare the barbecue sauce. For this, take a pan and add some brown sugar in it. Add tomato ketchup, black pepper powder, salt to taste and Worcestershire sauce, mustard paste, vinegar, red chilli powder, and sriracha sauce. Mix well and your barbecue sauce is ready. While the sauce goes very well with the pan-fried grilled chicken, you can also use the same sauce recipe for a number of other dishes.
  • Take a cast iron grilled pan. Grill the marinated chicken breast on it. Just remember to put enough oil all over the surface of the chicken before grilling it.
  • Once the chicken is grilled perfectly, place it on a platter. You can either pour the barbecue sauce on it or choose to serve it in a bowl on the side. For garnishing, you can use some greens including lettuce and other microgreens along with some cherry tomatoes.

Watch The Detailed Recipe Video Here:

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We hope this recipe makes your weekend meal special.

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