Weekend-Special Cheese Garlic Bombs – A Restaurant-Style Treat That Needs No Oven Or Yeast


The weekend is here and all we can think about is eating all our favourite foods and enjoying all the indulgent treats we possibly can. Burger, pizza, noodles, pasta – all these dishes are on our mind during the weekend. While it is tempting to order food from restaurants to indulge, why not try and whip up the same recipes at home? Recently, we came across a recipe for cheese garlic bombs that is not just super easy to make but indulgent and delicious too. These cheese garlic bombs are ready in a matter of minutes and will satisfy all your cravings this weekend.

The cheese garlic bombs recipe was shared on YouTube by the popular cooking channel ‘Cook With Parul’. The 10-minute recipe requires no oven, no dough and no yeast. Further, it can be prepared using simple ingredients that are readily available in our kitchen. Parul revealed that these cheese garlic bombs were simply delicious and so tasty that they would please your family to no end!

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Cheese garlic bombs can make for a delicious addition to your weekend. 

How To Make Cheese Garlic Bombs | Cheese Garlic Bomb Recipe

  1. First, start by preparing the stuffing for the cheese garlic bombs. Combine sweet corn, capsicum, mozzarella cheese, oregano and salt. Mix everything together and keep it aside.
  2. Now, take sandwich bread and remove the edges with a knife. Roll out the bread till it becomes slightly flat. Add one teaspoon of the stuffing to the flattened bread and press it together by using a little bit of water. Shape it into a ball and seal it well. Keep the prepared cheese garlic bombs aside.
  3. Prepare garlic butter with melted butter, chopped garlic, pizza seasoning, chilli flakes and chopped coriander.
  4. Now, take a cake tin or steel plate and grease it with some butter. Add the cheese garlic bombs to the plate and align it in the shape of the plate.
  5. Smear the garlic butter on top and keep it in a pre-heated kadhai for 5-6 minutes till the bread starts to brown. Next, sprinkle some more cheese and chilli flakes on the cheese garlic bombs and let it cook for another 5 minutes.

Your cheesy garlic bombs are ready! Enjoy the cheesy goodness of this delicious recipe and tell us how you liked it.

Watch The Full Recipe Video Of Cheese Garlic Bombs Here:

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