Watch: Video Of ‘Dosa Printer’ Goes Viral; Leaves Twitter Talking


If you thought you are done with gulab jamun samosa, cola Maggi and chocolate dosa, then we say, there’s much more left on the platter. That’s right. We are talking about a unique (read: bizarre) news that is currently doing the rounds on the internet. It is about a ‘smart’ kitchen appliance, called ‘dosa printer’. You heard us. We recently came across a video of this appliance that helps you get ‘paper’ thin dosa – quite literally! And as the name suggests, the dosa resembles a printed A-4 size sheet. “A wonderful machine…helps me make perfectly crisp and healthy dosa to kick-start my day,” the commercial states. This appliance will also help you customise the crispiness and thickness of the dosa. Besides, you can also pre-set the number of dosas you want at one go. Take a look at the video:

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The video, in no time, went viral on the internet, with people reacting to it. While some found it quite a useful one, especially for novice chefs, some were left confused. Some even deemed it to be totally “useless”. Let’s take a look at some of the reactions on Twitter.

Here’s how people reacted to ‘dosa printer’ on Twitter:

“If this machine can make 20 dosas in one go, I may actually buy it,” states a Twitter user. Another person comments, “The most loved person on the Internet today is the… dosa printer.”

“This is useless innovation. Making dosai is not the hardest part. Preparing batter is harder work. In Chappathi makers, the machine prepares the dough from flour so it makes sense. Here you have to make batter yourself. This is a மூட்டைப்பூச்சி கொல்லுற மெஷின்(Insect killing machine),” a third tweet reads.

Another person on Twitter commented, “When you make chatni by yourself when you make shambhar by yourself. When you have to prepare dosa liquid by yourself then what is left for this dosa printer, Hot the pan, put some oil and prepare the dosa by yourself. Why waste money on dosa printer and costly electricity.”

A comment further read, “Dosa printer! Nothing left to see. Stop my oxygen supply NOW!”

Find some more comments (and memes) below:

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What are your thoughts on this one-of-a-kind dosa printer? Share it with us in the comments section below.


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