DANGER! 100-foot Asteroid 2022 QQ4 hurtling towards Earth; NASA reveals date, time


100 foot wide Asteroid 2022 QQ4 will just miss Earth on August 27, says NASA. Here’s what we know about it.

huge 100 foot wide asteroid is heading for Earth. NASA issued a warning that the asteroid is on its way to Earth, but will just about miss the planet on August 26. The asteroid, named Asteroid 2022 QQ4 by NASA, is nearly the size of an aeroplane and could potentially hit Earth if it deviates from its path. NASA is continuously monitoring the skies for any asteroids that may potentially come too close to Earth and it has red-flagged the Asteroid 2022 QQ4.

Will Asteroid 2022 QQ4 hit Earth?

NASA has said that Asteroid 2022 QQ4 is heading for a close approach with Earth. It is travelling at a blistering speed of nearly 26,000 kilometers per hour. The asteroid will make its closest approach to Earth on August 27 at 00:14. According to NASA JPL, the asteroid will fly past Earth at a distance of merely 5.9 million kilometers.

Though you should not be worried as this asteroid does not pose any threat to Earth. It is classed as dangerous by NASA because of its close proximity with Earth. Although dangerous, it is not always that you should be worried of a catastrophic impact with Earth. As a safety measure, NASA classifies any celestial body which comes within 8 million kilometers of Earth as a Potentially Dangerous Object.

How is an Asteroid Orbit Calculated?

According to NASA, an asteroid’s orbit is computed by finding the elliptical path about the sun that best fits the available observations of the object. That is, the object’s computed path about the sun is adjusted until the predictions of where the asteroid should have appeared in the sky at several observed times match the positions where the object was actually observed to be at those same times.


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