Watch: Ukrainian Kids Beat Putin Doll To A Pulp, Internet Says They “Pack A Good Punch”


Watch: Ukrainian Kids Beat Putin Doll To A Pulp, Internet Says They 'Pack A Good Punch'

Ukrainian girls and boys punch and kick a doll that looks like Vladimir Putin.

Russian President Vladimir Putin invaded Ukraine in February, in a bid to scare the country and prevent it from joining US-led NATO military alliance. But in these six months, the Ukrainian army has shocked numerically superior Russian forces by stiff resistance and numerous strikes on its bases. The Ukrainian public too has been seen confronting Russian soldiers in some of the captured cities, asking them to leave. Social media is full of such videos that show the courage of ordinary Ukrainians.

Now a video gaining traction on Reddit shows a few children hitting a statue that looks like Mr Putin to pulp.

The doll-like statue is installed in a park, as seen in the video, and children are seen hitting it with everything they got. They land several blows at different speeds and angles.

While one boy is even seen punching the abdomen of the statue, a girl lands several slaps and punches on its face.

The video is a hit on Reddit with several users awed by their skills. 

“These kids pack a good punch!” a Reddit user commented. “I imagine if you’re Ukrainian and you see putin, you too will suddenly blow some good punches. Imagine if they would see him in real life. Seisometers would detect some earthquakes after those hits,” said another.

“The first two kids are en route to a MMA career,” a third user commented.

Meanwhile, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky has urged Russian troops to flee from an offensive launched by his forces near the southern city of Kherson saying Ukraine’s military were taking back their territory.

Mr Zelensky, in his nightly address late on Monday, vowed that Ukrainian troops would chase the Russian army “to the border”.

Russia, however, said the assault had failed.


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