Want To Peel Boiled Eggs Quickly? Try This Easy Hack Shared By YouTuber

Boiling eggs is one of the simplest and most frequently done activities in the kitchen. Whether you’re making a boiled egg salad or a delicious boiled egg curry, or simply having boiled eggs for breakfast – there are so many ways and recipes to use boiled eggs in our daily diet. A common problem that we all face is how to peel boiled eggs. The microscopic peels require a lot of time and effort and we often end up getting frustrated in the process of peeling them one by one. So, how can we still use boiled eggs in our meals without the hassle of individually peeling each one? We have found an easy hack to peel boiled eggs instantly that will simply blow your mind away. Take a look:

The hack to peel boiled eggs was originally shared by popular blogger Max Klymenko, and then reshared by the official Instagram handle of YouTube. “Be right back, boiling eggs tonight just to do this,” they wrote in the caption. The clip has already received 310k views and 13k likes.

In the video, the blogger explained how to peel an egg ‘without actually peeling it’ from scratch. First, he created a large opening at the bottom of the egg with the help of a stick. He took some bits off the egg to make the opening a little larger. Then, he made a smaller opening on top with the same stick. “Now you use all of your lung power to do this,” he said and then he blew some air into the egg, placing his hand in front of it. As if by magic, the egg came out into his hand straight from the shell!

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The wonderful hack to peel boiled eggs quickly got plenty of reactions on Instagram. “Egg-cellent,” commented one user and another wrote, “Wow so simple!” Several others said that they would definitely try this quick and easy hack to peel boiled eggs without hassle.

Meanwhile, did you know you can boil eggs in the microwave too? Yes, you heard that right! You can actually use your microwave to boil some eggs quickly and without hassle. Click here to know how.

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