Viral Video: Man Lets Go Of Stroller Carrying Baby While Saving A Dog


Viral Video: Man Lets Go Of Stroller Carrying Baby While Saving A Dog

Picture shows man leaving stroller to save his dog.

You must have come across strange stuff on the internet that compels you to wonder about the events shown in the video. One video is going viral on the internet leaving users amazed.

The viral video shows a man carrying a baby in a stroller outside his house with a dog following him. Suddenly, another canine appears in the frame and is seen running towards the man and the dog. The alert man immediately lets go of the stroller to protect the dog.

The other canine raced out of a house where the camera that captured the entire incident was installed and was heading to attack the other dog. The man can be seen carrying the dog for some distance while the stroller carrying baby moves away. Another man who can earlier be seen walking outside his house can also be seen rushing towards the man and the stroller to save the baby.

Shared by a user named Animals Being Jerk on social media platform Reddit on Wednesday, the caption reads, “My dog bolted out the front door and anarchy ensued.”

Since being shared, the video has amassed over hundreds of likes and comments. Some of the users suggested the protective ways to keep the dogs inside the house while others compared the incident with a movie in the comment section of the post.

One user wrote, “And that’s exactly why we have baby gates at the top of the stairs to keep our dogs away from the door. My older dog has gotten aggressive and senile and would happily attack any dog walking by if she got out.”

“We are getting closer and closer to things being like the movie idiocracy,” said another.

“Dude picked up his wolf dog, let his child go god knows where. While a dog the size of a bag of sugar is chasing them like get a grip man,” wrote a third user.

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