Someone Made Cereal With Meat And Foodies Want To Know Why


Breakfast cereal is one of the most popular choices for the first meal of the day. Quickly take a bowl, add some milk and cereal and gobble it up for a burst of energy that will power you through the day. From oats to wheat, corn to barley – there are so many different grains that are being used in the making of cereal these days. However, one cereal made with meat has left foodies in utter shock. Chef and blogger @itscourtneyluna took to Instagram to share this meat cereal recipe that she said had become infamous across social media. Take a look:

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The recipe was called ‘Creamy Carnivore Soup’ and involved seasoning ground pork with salt. The meat was cooked till it dried up completely and became something like cereal. A milk concoction was then created for the meat cereal by mixing cream cheese with meat broth. Courtney Luna was making it as part of the carnivore diet that excludes all fresh produce.

“My infamous soup that TikTok loves to hate. It may look like meat cereal, but I think it’s delish. Sure, you could add onions, garlic, veggies and potatoes, but I’m leaving plant defence chemicals out of my diet these days,” she wrote in the caption of her video. The video was also widely circulated on other platforms such as Reddit. Take a look:

Foodies were left utterly confused on seeing the bizarre meat cereal. Several of them shared their reactions to the dish. “This diet pisses me off so much,” wrote one user. “That’s just a really bad version of a cheese soup. It’s to cheese soup what bland oatmeal with tap water is to actual cereal,” said another one. “So you expect me to cook in the morning, then what’s the point of cereal,” asked another one. Some people actually found the recipe interesting. “Yeah, throw in some leeks, mushrooms, and diced potatoes, and this is basically my favourite soup growing up,” one user said.

What did you think of the meat cereal or soup? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below.

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