Scary Asteroid 2022 QX4, Asteroid 2022 QX1 heading for Earth, will get too close for comfort


Asteroid 2022 QX4 and 2022 QX1 will pass close to the Earth today on Aug 29 and 31, 2022 respectively.

If you are a space fanatic and love skygazing, you might not want to put your telescope aside for this week. At least five asteroids will be flying past our planet between August 29 and September 1. These space rocks are not on their way to strike Earth’s surface as they will make a close pass to earth from a safe distance. Hence, these asteroids are not qualified as a ‘potentially hazardous object’ according to Nasa. The US space agency keeps a track of asteroids and comets that will make relatively close approaches to Earth. Check out these asteroids that will be approaching Earth between August 29 to September 1, 2022.

Asteroid 2017 BU

The asteroid 2017 BU as big as the size of an aeroplane will reportedly fly by the Earth at a speed of 7 km/s at a distance of 6.05 million kilometres on August 29. The space rock detected on January 19, 2017 belongs to the Apollo group and it will make its close pass to Earth within 6.05 million kilometres at 22:05 PM.

Asteroid 2022 QX4

Asteroid 2022 QX4 will cross our planet on August 29, Monday, from a distance of over 1.8 million kilometres at a speed of 29,000 kmph. QX4 is the biggest of the bunch with 140 feet diameter.

Asteroid 2022 QX1

Another space rock that will make a close pass to earth today is Asteroid 2022 QX1. It will make its closest encounter to earth on August 31 at a distance of just 2.07 million kilometres at a speed of 21.15km/s or 76,140km/h.

That’s not all, there are two more space rocks named Asteroid 2021 CQ5 and 2022 QB2 that will fly by our planet on September 1. While Asteroid 2021 CQ5 will travel from a distance of 3,350,000, QB2 will fly by at 3,940,000 km distance from earth.


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