“Nothing Is Impossible”: This Specially Abled Schoolboy Shows How


'Nothing Is Impossible': This Specially Abled Schoolboy Shows How

The specially abled child eating his lunch at school.

New Delhi:

There is no dearth of inspirational content on the Internet where we often see people beating the odds to shine in the face of adversity. One such heartwarming video has come to light that shows a child with amputated limbs performing daily tasks like a normal person.

The clip, shared on Twitter, shows a boy, in a uniform, eating his lunch at what appears to be a school canteen. Upon looking closer, one can see that both hands of the child are amputated from below the elbow.

Despite this, the boy holds the chapati and spoon using his mouth and limb and manages to eat his food. Towards the end of the video, it is also seen that the boy’s legs too are amputated as he stands in queues with other children.  

The video has amassed nearly two lakh views on Twitter and many said that they were moved to tears.

“Nothing is impossible in life,” wrote one user.

“This cute little boy is an inspiration to many in this nation. Melted,” a person said.

The video seems to have given a dose of inspiration to many.

Another wrote, “We will be motivated for the rest of our lives just watching this kid.”

One wished that the kid gets prosthetic arms in future to ease his struggle.

Viewers were distracted to see the kid doing all tasks despite difficulties.

Earlier, a 10-year-old girl from Bihar had won hearts with her determination to reach school by hopping on one leg. Seema had met with an accident that robbed her of a leg. But this did not deter her spirit and love for studies and she continued to travel a kilometre to her school every day by hopping on one leg.

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