Nostalgia Alert! 7 Delicious Foods That Featured At Every 90’s Kids Birthday Party

The moment somebody mentions ‘childhood’, we involuntarily start travelling down memory lane and recalling all the beautiful days we enjoyed as kids. Those blissful memories were a huge part of our past, and we reminisce about them till date. During our kiddie days, there were so many exciting happenings and events such as school functions, festivals and birthday celebrations. The birthday parties that we attended as children were one of the most eagerly awaited days in our lives. Whether it was a friend’s birthday party or a distant cousin’s, we would all excitedly anticipate eating cake, getting gifts, playing games like musical chairs, and just having a blast. 

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If you were a ’90s kid, you would clearly remember all the delicious food served at these birthday parties. These were staples that just had to be there at every birthday party, or else the menu wouldn’t be complete. Of course, there were customisations and variations – but every millennial kid would be able to relate and get nostalgic on reading this list of foods at every birthday party.  

Here Are 7 Delicious Foods That Featured At Every 90s Kid’s Birthday Party:  

1. Pineapple Cake 

Creamy and delicious pineapple cake has to be one of the first birthday party favourites. There was just something so refreshing and unmissable about this that it inevitably made it to every birthday party. Later, chocolate truffle and fruit cake too came into the list of options.  

2. Sandwiches 

Do you remember those coleslaw sandwiches served at every birthday party? Slices of white bread were filled with creamy mayonnaise, carrot, cucumber and cabbage. Like them or not, you couldn’t skip having these sandwiches at any 90’s bash. 


3. Patties 

Crispy, flaky and just divine – patties were one of the classic and staple options for 90’s parties. The best part was that they were a hit across age groups, whether children or adults. From aloo patties to paneer patties, chicken patties and even mutton patties, we surely miss these gorgeous treats and indulge in them once in a while even today. 

4. Chowmein 

If you recall, chowmein and hakka noodles were another no-brainer recipe for kids at birthday parties. The oily, greasy noodles were topped with spicy masalas and sauces, along with a few vegetables too and made for the ideal attractive treat for the kids’ palate. We truly enjoyed wrapping them around a fork, and letting our imagination run wild as to what the noodles could be made of! 


5. Samosa  

Deep-fried and filled with spicy masalas and potatoes – samosas were simply irresistible as a party snack. Was it just us or did you too bite off the samosa corners and leave the filling behind? It was also a common and funny food challenge to see who could gobble up the most samosas at a ’90s birthday party.  


6. Cola Drinks 

Birthday parties came with a sense of freedom, especially in terms of drinks. We no longer had to constrain ourselves from bingeing to our heart’s content, and fizzy cola drinks were undoubtedly our top pick. Whether it was orange soda, fizzy lime soda or even cola drinks – these drinks surely gave us a sugar rush and were as eagerly awaited as the party itself!  


7. Potato Chips  

Somehow crunchy potato wafers were omnipresent at every 90s kids’ birthday party. The extra salt in these crisps paired perfectly with the fizzy cola drinks and other snacks. And we simply couldn’t stop ourselves from taking an extra helping, or maybe two.  


Which were the foods that featured in the birthday parties in your childhood? Tell us in the comments.   

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