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Nostalgia Alert! 7 Delicious Foods That Featured At Every 90’s Kids Birthday Party

The moment somebody mentions 'childhood', we involuntarily start travelling down memory lane and recalling all the beautiful days we enjoyed as kids. Those blissful memories were a huge part of our past, and we reminisce about them till date. During our kiddie days, there were so many exciting happenings and events such as school functions, festivals and birthday celebrations. The birthday parties that we attended as children were one of the most eagerly awaited days in our lives. Whether it was a friend's birthday party or a distant cousin's, we would all excitedly anticipate eating cake, getting gifts, playing games like musical chairs, and just having a blast. Also read: 13 Classic Party Snacks That Are Our All-Time Favourites For WeekendsIf you were a '90s kid, you would clearly rem...