NASA’s Artemis 1 Moon Mission Postponed: 5 Facts Why The Launch Failed

The Artemis Moon Mission in a six-week uncrewed voyage.

New Delhi:
NASA today called off the test flight of its giant Moon rocket ‘Artemis 1’ because of a leak in one of the four RS-25 engines. The six-week uncrewed mission aims to go around the moon and back 50 years after Apollo’s last lunar mission.

Here is why the launch of Artemis was called off today:

  1. A problem was detected on one of the rocket’s main engines, RS-25, 40 minutes before the scheduled liftoff from the Kennedy Space Center in Cape Canaveral, Florida.  

  2. NASA said that they first noticed the ‘engine bleed’ when the launch team began filling the rocket’s core fuel tanks with super-cooled liquid oxygen and hydrogen propellants.

  3. The four engines are used during the rocket’s core stage and needed to be “conditioned” with cryogenic propellant to bring them up to the correct temperature for launch.

  4. One of these engines did not achieve the high-accuracy temperature as NASA expected it to.

  5. The rocket is currently in a stable configuration and will now attempt to take off on September 2.

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