NASA warning: Asteroid 2017 BU to come terrifyingly close to Earth today! Clocked at 25200 kmph


Asteroid 2017 BU will pass Earth at a terrifyingly close distance today, August 29. Here’s what NASA says about the asteroid.

August has witnessed numerous asteroid flybys. According to NASA, more than 35 asteroids have already flown past Earth this month. Some have been too close for comfort. Continuing this pattern, another asteroid named Asteroid 2017 BU will pass Earth today, August 29 at a terrifyingly close distance. This space rock is not expected to impact with Earth, however that could change if the asteroid’s trajectory changes due to the pull by Earth’s gravitational field. Here’s what NASA says about the asteroid.

Asteroid 2017 BU to come terrifyingly close to Earth today

Asteroid 2017 BU is one of two asteroids which are expected to pass by Earth today by a close margin. The other asteroid, named Asteroid 2022 QX4 will also just miss the planet today. Asteroid 2017 BU, which is nearly 100 feet wide, is travelling towards Earth at a staggering speed of 25,200 kilometers per hour. NASA says that it will just miss Earth by a distance of nearly 6 million kilometers.

According to, Asteroid 2017 BU takes 376 days to complete one trip around the Sun. Its maximum distance from the Sun is 191 million kilometers and minimum distance is 114 million kilometers.

NASA Psyche Mission to reach $10 billion asteroid

The Psyche Mission will also help scientists to study and understand iron cores, a previously unexplored building block of planet formation. The 16 Psyche asteroid mission is part of NASA’s Discovery missions. The findings of this mission could enable scientists to develop a way of using asteroids as resources.

Whereas other asteroids are generally made up of ice or rocks, “16 Psyche” asteroid is made up of nickel, which is one of the building blocks of the solar system. One of the biggest asteroids in our Solar System, the 16 Psyche asteroid is made up of gold, nickel and iron deposits and is supposedly worth more than Earth’s economy. The asteroid is estimated to be worth nearly $10,000 Quadrillion.


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