Maggi With Cold Coffee Is The Latest Bizarre Combo That Has Left Internet Disgusted


Food experimentation videos have gained immense popularity on the internet. People leave no opportunity to try out new recipes and come up with unique combinations. While some of these are successful, others are simply bizarre. Maggi, for instance, has been subject to some strange combinations. From chocolate Maggi to raspberry Maggi, there is no dearth of bizarre Maggi dishes out there. Adding to the list, this time it’s Cold Coffee Maggi. Yes, you heard us. In a recent video that has been making rounds on the internet, a man can be seen making Maggi with cold coffee and it has left the internet disgusted. 

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The video of the cold coffee maggi was shared on Instagram by @radiokarohan. The clip begins with a street vendor pouring cold coffee into a pan. He then opens a packet of Maggi, breaks it into pieces and adds them to the beverage. He goes on to add chopped onion, capsicum, red chilli, coriander leaves and tastemaker. The man didn’t stop there and added coffee powder to the dish. Once done, he serves the cold coffee maggi with tomato ketchup on top. Take a look at the video here: 

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Ever since the video was uploaded, it has been viewed 17.1K times, has 814 likes and several comments. Many people have cringed after looking at this bizarre food combination. Check out some of the reactions below: 

“Seriously? Why the hell?” 

“Can’t watch.” 

“RIP Maggi.” 

“Meri ankhon se khoon nikal raha hai (My eyes are bleeding)” 

“Kaun hai woh log jo isse khate hain? Kaun si cheez se bani hai inki digestive system (Who are the people who eat this? What is their digestive system made of?)” 


What did you think of the cold coffee maggi? Let us know in the comments below! 


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