Domino’s Responds After Maharashtra Man Claims To Find Glass Shards In Pizza


Recently, Domino’s made the headlines after a man from Mumbai shared a post on social media claiming that he found shards of glass in his pizza. The company took no time to respond to it and ordered a probe into the incident. It all started when a man named Arun Kolluri took to Twitter on Saturday (October 8, 2022) to share a picture featuring half-eaten pizza and a piece of glass by the side. He tagged Mumbai police, Dominos, Food Safety and Standards Authority of India and wrote (alongside the picture), “2 to 3 pieces of glass found in @dominos_india. This speaks volume about global brand food that we are getting.”

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Find the tweet below:

The post instantly went viral on social media, with people reacting to it strongly.

“Now-a-days Domino’s quality has gone bad, and their staff doesn’t treat customers well. I have stopped eating from Domino’s after my last visit 15 days back,” a comment read. Another person wrote, “Mumbai police must take strict action as the case has been reported by the customer. Domino’s will start playing blame game and pass on their responsibility to Zomato, saying that the seal has been tampered. It’s a matter of great concern.” A third post reads, “@dominos has really stopped caring about their customers. They do not even give a proper customer service now-a-days. No matter how much I like Domino’s pizzas, I always have it in a bad mood due to the service. This incidence of glass pieces is truly shocking.”

Domino’s took no time to respond to the incident and shared an official release, stating that the quality team has conducted a thorough investigation of the restaurant in question.

Also Read: Man Claims His Pizza Had Glass Shards, Shares Pictures On Twitter 

Look at the statement issued by Domino’s here:

“We at Domino’s adhere to world-class protocols for ensuring the highest standards of hygiene and food safety. With respect to the recent issue reported at one of our restaurants in Mumbai, we would like to state the following:

1. As a responsible brand, we immediately contacted the customer upon receiving the concern to ascertain the facts of the matter through various channels of communication.

2. Our quality team has also conducted a thorough investigation of the restaurant in question and no anomaly was found in the inspection. We follow a strict no-glass policy in our kitchen and operation area.

We follow the highest standards of quality and safety. We will be investigating the matter further once we get the samples from the user and take action accordingly.”

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