Love your dosa? Well, you can just print it now! Meet the Dosa Printer- WATCH viral video


A video of a machine called ‘Dosa Printer’ is going viral on the internet. Here is how Twitter reacted.

Almost everyone loves eating dosa. May it be simple plain dosa, masala dosa, butter dosa or other varieties, you probably enjoy eating them all. Well, you would have seen how dosas are being prepared. Although it is not that difficult, it is a time taking process. However, technology has the answer for all your hardships! Recently, a video is going viral on the internet showing a ‘Dosa Printer’. Yes, you read it right! It is a kind of kitchen appliance, which can help you get paper thin dosa and other varieties of dosas without you even standing there.

Actually, the video is an advertisement made to grab people’s attention highlighting the machine’s capabilities. The machine called ‘Dosa Printer’ not only helps in customising the crispiness and thickness of the dosa but you can also set the number of dosas you want to eat and it will prepare accordingly. Have a look at the video here:

As soon as the video went viral on the internet, people started reacting to the same. Some found the machine quite useful, while some found it useless. Here are some of the reactions of the Twitter users. Have a look.

1. “This is useless innovation. Making dosa is not the hardest part. Preparing batter is harder work. In Chappathi makers, the machine prepares the dough from flour so it makes sense. Here you have to make batter yourself. “

2. “This is one of the worst idea they could come up with. Now, come on do you think Indian house holds will consider this. I was like “I’m gonna act as if I never saw this AD”.”

3. “The most loved person on the Internet today is the… dosa printer.”

4. “Stop criticism right there. I live alone and always bank on outside dosa because I don’t know how to make it and even if I learn I may not have time to make it. This is great.”

5. “When you make chatni by yourself when you make shambhar by yourself. When you have to prepare dosa liquid by yourself then what is left for this dosa printer, Hot the pan, put some oil and prepare the dosa by yourself. Why waste money on dosa printer and costly electricity.”

6. “Innovative product, might be good for food courts….but Rs. 15000 for a dosa maker at home is too high.”


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