Ira Khan’s Latest Vacation Is Filled With Foodie Goodness


What is on your to-do list? For Ira Khan, it is to “sit in as many cafes as possible.” And, she is not alone. Any guesses who accompanied her on cafe exploration? Of course, her beau Nupur Shikhare. Ira has shared a glimpse of the outing on her Instagram Stories and to say the least, it looks delicious. The three-layer platter has a bunch of yummy-looking snacks. Potato chips, puff pastry, and a variety of small-size bread with toppings. We could also spot a cup of coffee with a layer of foam placed right in front of Nupur. And keeping all the things aside, the celebrity fitness trainer was seen sipping water. We would call it palette cleansing. Sharing the photograph, Ira Khan wrote, “To do: sit at as many cute cafes as possible.” 

Have a look: 


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Who doesn’t like cafe hopping? But if monsoons have forced you to stay inside, you can prepare a similar platter for your tea time and relish it in the comfort of your home. Here we bring you 5 tea-time snacks which are super easy and quick to make. So, let’s get started with the recipes.

1. Puff Pastry 

Has Ira Khan’s puff pastry platter left you craving? Well, these light and flaky delights are a perfect partner for your tea. You can also pick your favourite mixture to fill these puff pastries. Check out the complete recipe here:

2. Oats Cutlet 

Looking for a healthy snack? Your search ends here. All you need is some roasted oats, cottage cheese, vegetables and tangy spices. Make sure you fry the cutlets until they are crispy golden brown. 

3. Besan Ka Chilla 

Nothing beats piping hot besan ka chilla. The goodness of coriander and green chilli make it all the more appealing. Serve it with your favourite chutney (preferably mint) at tea time. 

4. Moong Daal Chaat 

Light and super delicious, moong dal chaat is easy to prepare and is absolutely delicious. It is a riot of flavours and colours on a plate. Dig into the recipe right away:

5. Sooji Tikka 

Bored of paneer tikka? We have a healthy snack substitute. Spicy, flavourful and crispy sooji tikka is simply delectable. You can also sprinkle some pav bhaji masala to get those eclectic flavours. 

Which is your tea time snack?


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