How To Remove Excess Sweetness From Curries – Easy Tips And Hacks

Cooking is rightly considered to be an art form as not everyone can nail it perfectly. Even the slightest variation of ingredients can ruin the essence of a dish. Speaking of cooking, Indian curries are loved worldwide for their rich and spicy flavours. However, there are some curries that are slightly mild and have a hint of sweetness to them, such as makhni – a rich and creamy tomato-based curry. The most common problem faced while making such curries is to strike the right balance of sweet and spicy flavours. Sometimes you end up with a curry that is too sweet and who wants that?  So, if you’re wondering how to remove excess sweetness from your curry, here we’ve got you a list of easy tips and hacks that’ll come in handy the next time you face such a problem. Check out these tips below: 

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Here’re A Few Tips To Reduce Sweetness From Curries: 

1.Add Lime Juice 

Adding a sour tasting ingredient such as lime juice helps add another layer of flavour to the dish. It balances out the sweetness and gives it a sweet and sour taste instead. You can also use tamarind or white vinegar if you do not wish to add lime juice to your curry. 

2.Increase The Quantity  

You can dilute the sweetness of your curry by increasing the ratio of other ingredients. If it’s a water or milk-based curry, try adding more of it. You’ll also need to increase the quantity of other ingredients. For example, if it’s a tomato-based curry, add more tomatoes and spices.  

3.Add Yogurt 

Yogurt has a distinct taste and can cut down on the sweetness of any dish. Make sure it is unsweetened, whisked and at room temperature as it can curdle when added to a hot curry. PS: First, mix it in a small batch to see if you like the taste and then add it to the whole lot.  

4.Make It Spicy  

Lastly, adding a little hot sauce, chilli flakes or crushed red peppers can instantly transform your dish and give it a new flavour dimension. However, make sure not to add too much or you may be reaching for something to counteract the heat.  


Try these tips and let us know how they worked for you in the comments section below.  

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