HORRIFIC! Dying father’s money spent on games by son in China


A boy in China spent his dying father’s treatment money on a mobile gaming platform. Here’s what happened.

In a shocking series of events, a 12-year boy in China spent his dying father’s money for treatment on games in July. The boy, named Huang, hails from Fuchun County in southwest China’s Sichuan Province. According to local media, the boy spent 3,800 yuan which is approximately Rs. 44,167 on mobile games instead of his father’s treatment. The money was donated by the relatives of the boy’s father to pay the medical bills. It was only after the father died that they came to learn about the incident.

According to local media, when the relatives went to pay the medical bills, they discovered that the money had already been spent by the deceased father’s son at a mobile gaming platform called Xiaomi Gaming Center. The boy spent the money when he went with his father to the hospital for a medical checkup, Chengdu Business News reported.

Boy spends terminally-ill father’s money on mobile gaming platform

The man, named Huang Zhengxiang was suffering from a late-stage brain cancer and was terminally ill. His wife had already passed away a decade ago and he was the sole bread earner of the family. He was working in construction when he fell critically ill in June. Huang Zhengxiang left his two sons, aged 15 and 12 respectively, on the mainland while he worked in various cities.

His relatives all came together to donate the money so that he could pay the medical bills, not knowing the money would be spent on something else entirely. When Huang Zhengyuan, the brother of the father went to pay the bills after Huang Zhengxiang had passed away, he came to know that the money had already been spent by his nephew, according to the report.

Huang Zhengyuan immediately contacted Xiaomi for a refund but the company refused to believe him. Only after enquiries by a journalist and a background check conducted by Xiaomi, they agreed to refund him the money.

According to Chengdu Business News, the two boys have been placed in an orphanage. The 12-year-old boy was filled with remorse for his actions. He said, “I feel sorry for my father and sorry for those relatives who helped my father.”


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