Harsh Goenka Shares Old Video Of Tibetan Monk Singing ‘Ganesh Vandana’

Harsh Goenka is the chairman of Ram Prasad Goenka Group.

Harsh Goenka is an active social media user. He is known for his quirky Twitter posts. On the occasion of Ganesh Chaturthi, the businessman has shared video of a Tibetan monk singing Ganesh Vandana. The video is old, and was shared by Mr Goenka last year as well.

“The most soulful Ganesh Vandana by a Tibetan monk Ani Choying Dolma,” reads the caption of the post.

The 84-second video depicts Ani Choying Dolma, the monk, singing the prayer.

It has amassed around 73,000 views and over 3,500 likes. More than 700 users have re-tweeted the post. Numerous users have praised the voice of the monk in the comment section of the post.

One user wrote, “Captivating voice… chanting sound is coming automatically.”

Another user said, “Beautifully Chanted Extremely Clear Worth Sharing. Everyone must know how Tibetans Chants so beautifully. Thanks, Great and Devine Sharing.”

“Prayers don’t belong to a person, a cast or a creed. It’s the piousness of the heart, the soul, that seeks well-being for each and every entity,” another user writing sharing a beautiful meaning of prayer.

Recently, Mr Goenka shared a nostalgic post about his birthplace, Kolkata. Sharing pictures of the Victoria Memorial, Howrah Bridge and Biswa Bangla Gate, the RPG Chairman on Tuesday said, “Kolkata is not a city, it is an emotion”.

The industrialist also shared how much he misses the city. “I miss it for its food, its sweet language, its culture, its fierce politics,” he wrote. Mr. Goenka added that although he is not physically in Kolkata, a part of him has always remained there.

The post amassed thousands of likes and comments.

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