Man Places “Psychic Wanted” Ad With No Contact Information, Says Genuine Mediums Will Know

The billboard has been placed along a busy road.

A billboard advertisement has puzzled drivers passing by the Fairfield Street in Manchester, the United Kingdom. The ad is searching for a psychic but includes no contact information – “Psychic Wanted – You Know Where To Apply” – is the only text on the billboard. Contact signage company Mandoemedia, which has put up the amount, told Manchester Evening News that a mystery man paid an undisclosed amount for the simple sign and provided minimal details. The man told them that a real medium will know exactly when, where and how to contact him, the outlet further said in its report.

The sign, with a black background and a green triangle, was put up along the busy road on August 18.

“Initially we thought it was a joke but the individual explained they were deeply serious and wanted to find a genuine psychic. They felt the best way to do that would be to put out a ‘psychic wanted advert with no contact information because a good psychic would know exactly when, where, and how to contact them,” Steve Baxter, from, told Manchester Evening News.

Mr Baxter further said that the person was wanted to find a genuine psychic, adding that “maybe they had been swindled by a fake”.

Last month, a woman in New Jersey put up a hoarding to congratulate her daughter who earned a doctorate degree.

Kendra Busbee was so proud of her daughter that she decided to tell the entire city about her accomplishment. The proud mother paid $1,250 to hire the billboard, but claimed the impact was priceless.

“You must be my shining star. You were going to shine no matter where you are! I am the proudest mommy bean. I love you Dr Kristine S. Smalls,” the woman said in a Facebook post.

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