Easy Lunch Recipe: These Yummy Lauki Koftas Will Be Ready In No Time


When we say lauki, what is the first thing that comes to your mind? Probably it’s a green-coloured, bland vegetable that people only eat for weight loss. Well, unfortunately, that is the image of lauki. However, we have something that will change your mind! Lauki may be boring to many of you, but trust us, there are ample ways with which you can make this vegetable interesting. Take for instance, lauki kofta sabzi! Lauki kofta is fried and cooked in a pool of spices and tangy tomato gravy. This recipe is quick and easy and is best for the days when you are lazy to cook a feast at home. You can even pack this in your lunch boxes and take it wherever you travel! It makes for a fulfilling meal.

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In this recipe, all you have to do is shred the lauki and mix it with besan and some spices to form pakodas. Once that is done, these crispy lauki pakodas are simmered in gravy! This lauki kofta is best paired with a plain fulka or paratha. This quick recipe will be ready in no time! Do try it out. Check out the full recipe below:


Lauki Kofta Recipe: Here’s How To Make Lauki Kofta

Grate the lauki, press out the extra liquid, and reserve the liquid for gravy in a different bowl. Keep the grated lauki in a large basin. Salt, red chilli powder, and besan should be added to the lauki. Make flat balls with the lauki and then deep fry them till crispy.

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Now take a pan and add onions and cook them. Salt and turmeric powder should be added next. Stir thoroughly, then place a lid on the pan for four to five minutes. Add the coriander and red chilli powder now. Add the lauki water and thoroughly combine. After that, stir-fry for 5 minutes with the tomato puree and coriander leaves. Throw in the lauki pakodas, bring it to a boil and serve.

For the full recipe of this delight, click here.

Try out this fantastic recipe and let us know how you liked its taste!


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