Cooking Tips: Here’s How You Can Make Perfectly Crispy Fried Paneer


Paneer is heaven for vegetarians. Also known as cottage cheese, the food item contains a high level of protein and minerals like calcium and phosphorus. And do you know what’s the best part? It’s a versatile food item and you can prepare it in numerous ways. Right from delicious appetisers like Paneer 65 to yummy luscious and creamy gravy-laden curries like butter paneer, there’s a lot that you can do with this food item. Most of the dishes demand you to make fried paneer crispy. Sometimes while you add other ingredients properly and follow the recipe, you fail to make the paneer chunks crispy. How do you get that step right? Celebrity chef Pankaj Bhadouria shared a video on Instagram under the title “Pankaj Ke Nuskhe,” demonstrating her personal hack for making fried paneer crispy.

For the caption, she mentioned, “Pankaj Ke Nuskhe: How to make crispy fried paneer? Were you making the same mistake? Use this Nuskha to make your paneer crispy and keep the batter intact, even when you add it to gravies or prepare chilli paneer!”


Fried paneer can add a whole other level of flavour to the usual paneer gravy. Photo: iStock

Generally, she says, most people prepare a mixture of cornflour or maida, dip paneer pieces into it and fry. But this is exactly where you are going wrong, added Pankaj.

The hack here is that you have to make a mixture of two (heaped) tablespoons of maida and two (heaped) tablespoons of cornflour. Now, sprinkle that mixture all over your marinated paneer chunks and coat them nicely. Then, dip the paneer chunks into the water once and again assemble them into the same bowl. Now, put the cornflour-maida mixture again on those paneer cubes and toss well. Pankaj stated that this step will ensure that the coating on paneer chunks remain intact and doesn’t wear off. 

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Previously, Pankaj Bhadouria shared the ways to keep mushrooms fresh for longer. She said that mushrooms have high water content and that’s why their shelf life is short. To keep them fresh, you’ve got to take an air-tight container and line it using tissue paper. This process will make sure that the tissue paper absorbs water from mushrooms making them last for a long time. Place tissue papers on top of the mushrooms as well. Close the container properly and keep it in a refrigerator.  

Hope the tips and hacks help you out while you work in the kitchen at home.

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