Can Chaat Be Healthy? Try This Protein-Rich Dal And Peanuts Chaat For Weight Loss Diet


Who said healthy is boring? We are here to prove them wrong. If you know the right recipes, healthy diet can be a lot of fun, replete with deliciousness. Ever thought of including chaat in your weight loss diet? We bet you haven’t. All the fried papdis and sugary chutneys don’t quite make the cut for a healthy meal. But not all chaats have to be so unhealthy. We have a chaat recipe that is just as tasty as it is healthy. Loaded with nutrition from different foods, even the dressing of the chaat is guilt-free. We just can’t wait to make it and wolf it down. 

Nutritionist Somya Luhadia shared her own personal chaat recipe on Instagram, which is a balanced mix of a variety of nutrient-rich foods. It is full of proteins from peanuts and dal sprouts and other nutritious foods. It is perfect for those times when you are craving something chatpata but the thought of weight gain pulls you back. Well, no holding back your indulgences anymore. Check out the recipe of this dal sprouts and peanuts chaat here. 

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Dal Sprouts And Peanuts Chaat Recipe I How To Make Healthy Chaat For Weight Loss 

In a bowl, mix boiled sprouted dal, some boiled peanuts, vegetables like onion, tomato and cucumber, and coconut shavings. Mix everything well. 

Make the dressing for the salad by mixing and blending tomato puree, garlic, coriander, green chilli, salt to taste, pepper, lemon juice and red chilli. It’s just the tangy and refreshing chutney you need for your salad. 

Now top up your salad with this dressing, mix well and dig in. 

You must try this chaat recipe if you are a health freak but just can’t suppress your love for chaats. 

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As we said earlier, if you have the right recipes, following a healthy diet for weight loss is a breeze. So, make your weight loss journey interesting and worthwhile with healthy and yummy meals that won’t make you miss any junk food, ever! 


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