California Heatwave Bakes Death Valley, Record Set For Hottest September Day: Report

Several areas of California will set new temperature records in the next few days, says prediction.

After experiencing record-breaking rains just a month ago, California’s Death Valley is about to bake in a dangerous heatwave, said a report in Newsweek.

Being one of the hottest places on Earth and the driest region in North America, Death Valley is known as a place of extremes. The greatest air temperature ever recorded was 134 degrees Fahrenheit (57 degrees Celsius) there in July 1913, making it the hottest location on Earth, the outlet further said.

According to Yahoo News, with a high temperature of 127 degrees Fahrenheit on Thursday, the valley established a record for the month of September. The new record has caused a wide range of extreme weather occurrences all around the world.

“I wish it were cooler already. This is abnormally hot for September,” Abby Wines, a spokesperson for Death Valley National Park, told Reuters.

The experts said though the extreme heat phase will continue, the September record is not expected to be broken till Monday or Tuesday.

Climate scientist Daniel Swain shared a post on his Twitter account on Friday about the heatwave update. He shared the data of heatwave recorded so far and expected in coming days of September.

“Heatwave update: very hot temperatures continue inland today, though with slight (& temporary) cooling closer to the coast. But don’t be fooled: peak of this heatwave is yet to come, & has been delayed slightly: now slated for Sun-Tue. All-time record Sep temps still likely,” Mr Swain wrote while sharing the post.

It is further predicted that several areas of California will set new temperature records in the next few days, according to Yahoo News.


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