Bhagyashree’s Vacay In Nepal Is About This Classic Indulgence


Bhagyashree was one of the iconic Bollywood actresses in the 90s and now she has become our favourite icon on social media! With over 1.5 million followers on Instagram, she loves to actively post about all the cooking tricks and health tips she likes to follow on a day-to-day basis! She describes herself as an actor, fitness addict and nutritionist, and she seems to be running a busy schedule. But that doesn’t mean she doesn’t enjoy taking a break and relaxing! If you have been following Bhagyashree, then you’d know that she is a big foodie and she loves to indulge in delicious food during her downtime!

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Guess what? Bhagyashree is on a vacation to Nepal and she is spending her time there indulging in the local Nepalese food. Wondering how we know all of this? Bhagyashree brought us along with her foodie adventures by sharing a glimpse of her indulgence on her Instagram story. Take a look:


Bhagyashree’s “#traveldiaries” to Kathmandu, Nepal was all about momos! In the image, we can see a plate filled with perfectly steamed momos with creamy red chutney. While momos have become synonymous with Indian street food, this dish is credited to Nepal. This bite-sized snack is one of the most delicious dishes, loved by people of all ages. Just looking at Bhagyashree’s plate full of momos had us drooling for some! If you are craving the same, then why not prepare momos at home with these easy recipes:

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Bhagyashree’s last foodie indulgence was an Italian feast! We saw her eating all kinds of delicacies from Italian cuisine like pizza and risotto. Click here to know more.

What do you think of Bhaghyashree’s momos indulgence in Nepal? Do tell us in the comments section!


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