5 Quick And Easy Soup Recipes To Enjoy On A Rainy Day


Who doesn’t love a warm and soothing bowl of soup on a rainy day? Well, we all do. Our undying love for comforting soups is just beyond imagination, and why not? They make for a great option to enjoy on a rainy day and that too, without any guilt. Talk about soups, we all end up gorging on the same old tomato soup, have you ever thought of trying different soups? If you are someone who is in a constant search for different and innovative recipes, you are at the right place. We bring you a list of 5 quick and easy soup recipes that are just perfect to rustle up on a rainy day. Besides, to make all these soups, you just need a handful of easily available ingredients from your pantry. So, what are you waiting for? Let’s get started with the list. Take a look below.

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Creamy Vegetable Soup, Clear Mushroom Soup And More: Here’re 5 Quick And Easy Soup Recipes You Must Try

1. Creamy Vegetable Soup – Our Recommendation

This creamy vegetable soup has a pool of healthy veggies like carrots, french beans, tomatoes and peas that ensures a nutritious, delicious and wholesome meal without investing back-breaking efforts and time. Click here.


2. Clear Mushroom Soup

Next up, we bring you another delicious yet very healthy soup recipe. To prepare this, all you need is just a handful of commonly-used ingredients. For instance, mushrooms (of course), some seasonings and water. That’s all. Click here to know the detailed recipe.


3. Garlic Soup

Love the pungent flavour of garlic? This soup recipe is a must-try! It is one of the easiest soups to make out there, get your choice of veggies or meat and add a head of garlic while preparing the recipe. That’s it! Wondering how to go about it? Click here.


4. Chicken Nimbu Dhaniya Shorba

This concoction of chicken with loads of coriander and lime, makes for a super soothing and refreshing treat. Rainy days and winter months are the best times to enjoy this flavourful and mild soup. Find the recipe here.


5. Noodle Soup

Lastly, we bring you a recipe that is loved by both kids and adults alike. This soup is loaded with soothing flavours of lemon grass and Bok choy leaves. Add some noodles and chicken broth. Voila, you’re in for a wholesome treat. Click here.


Now, that you know all the recipes, enjoy the rain with these soups and let us know your experience in the comments below. For more such interesting recipe ideas, stay tuned!


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