Balenciaga Faces Backlash For Launching Earrings That Look Like Shoelaces, Cost Over Rs 20,000


Balenciaga Faces Backlash For Launching Earrings That Look Like Shoelaces, Cost Over Rs 20,000

The earrings are available in two colour combinations, according to Balenciaga website.

Fashion brand Balenciaga dropped new plate earrings and the internet exploded. The earrings, which according to Balenciaga website are available in polyester and cotton and antique silver brass, are being compared to shoelaces. Many handles have posted similar images of the earrings, which look like shoelaces tied in a bow.

Highsnobsociety, an Instagram page that posts things related to ongoing fashion trends, said the fashion brand has priced the earrings at $261 or Rs 20,829.

The Instagram handle also posted a photo resembling the earrings and it has gone viral.

“There comes a point when writing about fashion that we find some stuff is just a little too ridiculous to take seriously… That being said, every so often something lands on our desk that’s just too stupid to let lie, the latest of which coming from, of course, @balenciaga, who have dropped a pair of black bow shoelace earrings, setting you back a total of US$261,” Highsnobsociety said in its Instagram post.

According to the Balenciaga website, the earrings are made of “70% polyester, 20% brass, 10% cotton” and are sold as a pair. It also advises users to wipe it with a soft cloth.

The earrings are also available in pink and black colour combination.

Social media users were quick to express their opinion about the earrings.

“Stop this nonsense,” a user said on Instagram. “I’d be charging more if I was them lmao,” said another.

Earlier this month, Balenciaga faced criticism online for launching a trash bag worth $1800 (approximately Rs 1,42,652). The brand said it is available in four colours (and colour combinations) – black, white and red, blue and black, and yellow and black.

Several Twitter users questioned the sense behind having a designer trash bag and posted harsh comments.


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