Anushka Ranjan’s Mother Approves This Minimal Toppings Pizza



Is anyone up for pizza? You rarely come across people who dislike this delicious snack. And, Anushka Ranjan is definitely not one of them. Known to be an ardent foodie, Anushka’s cooking prowess, and her love for everything delicious is not a hidden secret. She has given us a glimpse of her binge session. And, it was all about a wholesome pizza. Loaded with cheese, the thick crust pizza had limited toppings, basil leaves and jalapeno to be specific. To top it up, some oregano flakes were sprinkled all over the dish. The Italian delight was everything yummy. How do we know? Well, it has her mother, producer Anu Ranjan’s approval. Sharing a snap of the home-cooked pizza on her Instagram Stories, Anu Ranjan added a gif of “approved” stamp. 

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Crispy or thick crusts coupled with a bunch of ingredients and gooey cheese on top, Pizzas are one of the most popular Italian food items across the world. And, we won’t blame you if Anushka Ranjan’s indulgence has left you craving for a slice. We have handpicked some yumilicious recipes for you, have a look: 

1.Multigrain Pizza 

Give a healthy makeover to your favourite pizza with a multi-grain base. Made of wheat flour, oats, maize flour and nutrient-dense seeds, indulge in this pizza guilt-free. 

2.Chicken Pizza

Flatbread topped with cheese, chillies, onion, garlic sauce and chunks of chicken is heaven on a platter. When meaty chicken chunks are blended in gooey cheese all you get is a delicious platter. And, it can’t get better than this.

3.Kebab and Paneer 

When Italian cooking marries Indian flavours, you get this mouth-watering pizza recipe. 

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4.Vegetarian Pizza 

Though there are various versions of pizza, nothing gets better than a special vegetarian delight. This is loved by kids and adults alike. Garden fresh veggies never tasted better. 

5.Mexican Pizza 

Ever combined Italian techniques with Mexican flavours? This fusion will surely tantalise your taste buds. Top it up with kidney beans tossed in fiery hot sauce, we are already drooling. 

Which pizza recipe is your favourite?


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