Zomato CEO May Be Delivering Your Next Order; Here’s Why


Ordering food has become a part of our daily life! If we crave something delicious, we order; if we don’t feel like cooking, we order; guests come home for a surprise visit, we order – we always find some excuse to order food from outside. By now, we are quite familiar with food delivery services and pretty much know how it works. However, we don’t really pay attention to who is the delivery person that delivers our food. What if we told you, that the next time you order food from Zomato, the CEO of the company might be delivering your food disguised as the delivery person?!

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Yes, you read it right?! Zomato’s CEO Deepinder Goyal makes it a point to take the role of the delivery person for a day. Sanjeev Bikhhandni, founder of Naukri.com and co-founder of Ashoka University shared this on Twitter! He also added that other senior managers of the Zomato team also take part in this activity at least once every three months. That’s not all, he also mentioned that no one has recognised the Zomato CEO to date. Take a look:

People were surprised to know that such measures were taken by Zomato’s senior management. But not everybody was in awe of this call, some Indians had an opposing reaction to this gesture. Here’s what people had to say on Twitter:

What would be your reaction if Zomato’s CEO came to your door to deliver your food? Do you support this initiative? Or do you have a better idea? Do share your thoughts in the comments section below!


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