Young Boy Gave Turkish Ice Cream Seller A Taste Of His Own Prank; Watch Here


We’ve all witnessed the iconic and amusing way Turkish ice cream vendors serve an ice cream cone. These videos are widely available online. It’s hilarious to watch the tricks they play before dishing out a scoop of that delicious dessert. However, the emotions of the shocked and puzzled customers are funnier to watch than the practical jokes. But sometimes, things might take a turn when a customer gets too irritated because of the jokes. Recently, a similar incident happened with a customer who was not in the mood to play games with the Turkish ice cream seller. What he does next will leave you in splits.

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In a video uploaded on Twitter by IPS Dipanshu Kabra, we see a young boy approaching the Turkish Ice Cream seller. When the seller scoops out the ice cream on a cone and attaches it to a stick, he pretends to serve it to the boy. As soon as he lowers his stick, he holds it and doesn’t let it go. Then he tries to snatch it from him. The young boy’s reaction had left the ice cream seller flabbergasted. Finally, the young boy snatches the ice cream and walks away. Check out the full video here:

Ever since this video was uploaded, it has been re-tweeted severalĀ times and has up to nine thousand likes and hundreds of comments. Many people were left in splits after seeing this video. One person wrote, “I know the ending of this video is hilarious, but even the starting is lit.” Another person said, “He took the revenge on behalf of all the kids who have ever been there.” Someone also added, “He was so hungry he couldn’t control it.”

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A user also mentioned, “Hahaha. This made my day. no messing around with this guy.” A second user also said. Many other users have also reacted using emojis.

What do you think about this video? Have you ever seen something like this happen before? Let us know in the comments below.


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