Yay Or Nay: Street Vendor Makes Chocolate Pakoda – Watch Video Here

Why do we all like pakoda so much? Crispiness combined with spiciness gives us the perfect snacking experience. Such is the popularity of pakoda in India where you’ll find numerous variations of the snack. Aloo pakoda, onion pakoda, paneer pakoda, mirchi pakoda, gobhi pakoda – the list is endless. We love to experiment with food, even if it’s our favourite one. But this experimentation with pakoda is not sitting well with the internet. A video has surfaced on Instagram, which shows a street vendor making pakoda with a whole block of chocolate. And, yes, it is deep fried and barring its size, it looks like a regular pakoda when served.  

Using different vegetables to make pakoda is one thing but using chocolate to make a sweet pakoda – people don’t seem to be too sure about it. The video of a street vendor making chocolate pakoda was posted by RJ Rohan on his Instagram page ‘Radiokarohan’. Take a look: 

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The lady in the video first tears off the wrappers of two chocolate bars, dip the whole bars in the besan batter and fries them while flipping to cook on both sides. Once done, she takes out the pakodas, sprinkles some masala over them and serves them with green chutney! 

The video has already been viewed more than 1.2 lakh times and has attracted hundreds of mostly disgruntled messages. The post is filled with shocked and disgusted emojis. Many people also found it funny and left laughing emojis. 

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The internet has already given its verdict but would you like to try out this chocolate pakoda? We don’t know if we will but all this talk of pakodas has left us craving for some to pair with our evening tea. If you also want to dig into the classic good old pakodas, here are some pakoda recipes you can try.  

But, after watching this video, if your curiosity is piqued into trying some unusual pakoda flavours, you must check out this list of unique pakoda recipes.

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