World Vada Pav Day: 7 Unique Vada Pav Recipes You Must Try


Food is an integral part of every celebration, festival and milestone. But sometimes, food warrants a celebration of its own! One of the most delicious street foods of India, vada pav is loved by millions across the country and especially in Mumbai. A deep-fried aloo bonda or vada is sandwiched between buttered pav buns and sprinkled with special masala, green chutney, and green chilli! It came as no surprise when we found that there was a special day dedicated to the yummy Maharashtrian snack. World Vada Pav Day is celebrated on 23rd August every year as per reports. The hashtag #WorldVadaPavDay thus found itself among the top trends on Indian Twitter. Take a look:

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Some Twitter users especially went out to eat the Maharashtrian snack on 23rd August. For other users, every day was World Vada Pav Day and it didn’t require any special celebration! If you are wondering how you can celebrate the day in your own way, we have some recipes for you. These delicious vada pav recipes give the classic preparation a unique twist.

Here Are 7 Unique Vada Pav Recipes To Savour On World Vada Pav Day:

1. Mini Vada Pav

If you love the classic vada pav, we bet you’ll enjoy this miniature version of it even more. Click here for the recipe.

2. Chicken Vada Pav

Although the original vada pav is made with just potatoes, you can always take it a notch higher with chicken vada pav! Find this amazing recipe here.

3. Vada Pav Ka Pakora

We love to Pakora-fy our favourite dishes, and could the vada pav be far behind in this? Try this wonderful vada pav pakora for an indulgent treat. Click here for the recipe.


Vada Pav is turned around in the form of a Pakoda!

4. Ice Cream Vada Pav

Recently, many street vendors have been innovating with the vada pav and giving it a unique and fun spin. Just like this ice cream vada pav; this gives it a sweet and dessert-ish spin. Click here to read more about it.

5. Croissant Vada Pav

The vada pav has been fused with the croissant to create a brand new dish that left the Twitter users divided. Click here to read more about it.

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Imagine Croissant replacing Pav buns in vada pav!

6. Chilli Cheese Vada Pav

Vada pav traditionally is quite spicy, but this chilli cheese vada pav takes it a notch higher with the goodness of grated cheese and chopped green chillies. Click here for this fiery recipe.

7. Ulta Vada Pav

What would your reaction be if someone turned the vada pav inside out? This interesting ulta vada pav recipe has the answer to this question. Find out more about this delicious treat here.


The deliciousness of vada pav, turned inside out!

Here’s wishing all our readers a very happy World Vada Pav day!


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