World Biryani Day 2022: 5 Unique Biryani Recipes To Surprise Your Family


What’s cooking for dinner tonight? The usual roti sabzi? Chances are your family will let out a faint sigh upon seeing it. Biryani? See them jumping with joy at the dinner table. This and the fact that it’s World Biryani Day today gives you enough reasons to serve biryani for dinner tonight. One of the most loved and delicious Indian dishes, biryani can never disappoint. Even if you often make biryani at home, there are so many other varieties to explore. And if you are feeling a little experimental, then try your hand at making unique biryani recipes that are not the usual chicken and mutton biryanis you’ve had innumerable times before. 

Here are some atypical biryani recipes that will let you host a special ‘sui generis’ treat for your loved ones – the best way to celebrate the occasion. Although a rice brand celebrates Biryani Day in India in the month of July, October 11 is observed as World Biryani Day by many people.  

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5 Unique Biryani Recipes To Make On World Biryani Day: 

1. Cheese Biryani: 

Regular vegetable biryani gets a cheesy makeover with this recipe. Our favourite veggies, a string of whole spices and lots of cheese mixed with rice – we don’t think anyone can say no to it. Click here for the recipe.


2. Char Minar Biryani: 

The name of the dish creates hype around it and with one bite of the cooked dish, you would definitely agree. Marinated mutton is mixed with veggies, a whole lot of spices, rice (of course) and saffron-infused milk – you can imagine the complexity of flavours you’ll get on your plate. Click here for the recipe. 

3. Irani Biryani 

Don’t let the unassuming look of the dish fool you. Plated in the shape of a dome with minimal colours, the flavours of this dish will surely impress you once you start eating it. Irani biryani is on the milder side with the addition of potatoes and eggplants. This is the perfect recipe if you want to try something different. Here’s the recipe. 

4. Mushroom Biryani 

If you tried and loved kathal biryani, we are sure you’ll love this veg biryani too. Since mushrooms take hardly any time to cook, you can quickly rustle up this delight just in time for a hearty dinner. Click here for the recipe. 

5. Murgh Kofte Biryani 

Combine your love for meatballs and biryani and make this interesting fusion dish that will be a winner on the dinner table. The usual addition of a range of spices is bound to make it a heavenly treat. Click here for the recipe. 

mutton biryani

Who doesn’t like surprises? On the occasion of World Biryani Day, fascinate your family with a unique biryani dish. 

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